Essential items for pumping at work

Hard pressed for time at work? Trying to do the best for your child, take care of your needs and the bosses? It’s far from easy to pump while at work because the time in a day can be unforgiving sometimes. Maybe if you have an office job you might be a little ahead of the game but otherwise most jobs are full of physical labor and time pressed schedules.  So in these cases where would you pump and how do you find the time to squeeze into your schedule?

I’m a single mother who works in retail. Despite the fact that under the Affordable Care Act your employer is required to provide a place to pump that would not be a restroom, my job literally has no place to put me.  So instead of having a legal battle on my hands I just bought a few pumping accessories and solved the issue myself.  I pump in my car, sit in the air conditioning and eat my lunch on my 30 minute break.

There are a few ESSENTIAL items I  need for pumping at work to happen.

•A double electric pump  (My insurance company covered the cost of my Medela pump under the Affordable Care Act.)
•A car charger for the pump
•A pumping bra
•A nursing cover

I’m always on the go at work and always pressed for TIME.  However, these are some must haves that I use every single working day that allow me to pump and continue successfully breastfeeding my son at home. If you are dedicated to breastfeeding your baby, even if you’re  separated a good part of the day, take is from me, it can be done no matter what anyone says against it! !  Although breastfeeding can be tough to cram into a working mom’s schedule it is definitely worth the struggle and there are tools out there built to make it easier to succeed for busy moms.

6 Replies to “Essential items for pumping at work”

  1. Hi Heather,

    My daughter-in-law will love this article. She has the same issues. I will definitely share this with her. I didn’t even know these things existed so its great to know and your site is really informative.

    Mel will love it. There is definitely a need for this stuff for mum’s so you are filling a badly needed market niche.

    Thanks again and good luck with it all,


    1. Thanks alot Kevin! ! When you present the information to her I really hope that it helps! If she has any questions tell her don’t hesitate to ask from one fellow mother to another! ! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love the Medela pump and prefer it over everything else I’ve used. I really need to invest in one of those bras though to save my arms. What brand is the best for those? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah thank you for asking your question. I personally use the Vigoo Hands Free Pumping Bra. It is one of the cheapest I have found on Amazon. Cheap but yet good quality. I will be adding more defining content about the products I use at a later date on my website. Until then please don’t hesitate to ask me anything you may have curiosity about. Thanks so much for stopping by and I wish you the best on your nursing journey! !

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